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The Farm

La Fattoria is situated on the Tenuta delle Ripalte, a promontory on Elba’s south-eastern extremity with beaches, inlets and bays cut into the impervious cliffs.

In the middle of the Tenuta stands a beautiful eighteenth century villa once home to the aristocratic Tobler- Theodoli-Quintavalle family surrounded by a large number of farmhouses that have been converted into ideal buildings for a holiday of complete relaxation, thanks to the very respectful restoration of the house typical of the Tuscan Maremma region.

It is a splendid sight, where the reddish colour of the earth (the result of centuries of mining), standing in contrast with the green foliage of the pine trees and the azure sea, creates unbelievable views.

The whole estate is a natural oasis, set in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park where you are likely to come across red partridge, pheasant, hare and wild goat.


The estate is located within the Tuscan Archipelago National park. As a consequence the principles of sustainable agricolture are the mainstem of the estate agronomic policy:
  • Production of healthy and safe food, optimizing resources and available technical equipment
  • Preserve and protect the environment’s quality and its natural resources
  • Improve the farmers’ quality of life.
In summary: to have in itself the ability to self mantain in time (generation to generation) without loosing own qualities.

Fertilization is achieved with organic composts and the practice of "green manure" (sowing of legumes between the vineyards, which fix nitrogen and are then buried during blooming).

Weed control is carried out by mechanical processing or hoeing. For plant protection, the interventions are based on an integrated approach, with minimal use of pesticides.

Irrigation is not performed not to deplate the poor water endowment in the area.


Within the 450-acre property, the fifteen hectares of vineyards are located in four main areas, all over 180 meters above sea level, ensuring better ventilation and ensuring protection from night moisture due to the proximity of the sea.

The vineyards of “Poggio Turco” are planted with Aleatico. The perfect south-facing exposure of Poggio Turco is ideal for an excellent ripening of the Aleatico variety, which is the emblem of Elban viticulture.

The area of “Gorgaccio” ,with its facing to the east, favors a morning exposure to the sunshine, which dries the grapes from the night moisture and protects them from the stronger afternoon sun. Here are vineyards, primarily, of Vermentino and Alicante.

The Vineyards of “Pascoli Alti” are located at 300 meters above sea and their grapes mature with about ten days delay.This confer to their white grapes a greater finesse and acidity, even in the warmest years. The soils are all of volcanic origin (metamorphic granite) with a remarkable mineral endowment.

All the vineyards are fenced to protect them from the wildlife (hares, wild boars and wild goats), which is particularly attracted to the ripe grapes.



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