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Aleatico Alea Ludendo
Rosso delle Ripalte
Grappa di Aleatico
Rosato delle Ripalte
  The winegrowing project, at present with the final touches being put to it, has involved the cultivation of a 12 hectare vineyard. Most of the vines are used in the production of “passito” wine typical of Elba, Aleatico, with a current production of 11,000 half bottles and very small output of Grappa (around 300 bottles) exclusively distilled from Aleatico marc.

In the Gorgaccio vinyard, facing east and therefore cooler, a Vermentino igt (around 12,000 bottles) is produced. A white wine that has a pleasant bouquet and decisive taste.

The latest is " Rosso delle Ripalte " from Grenache and Carignan vines , common to the whole Mediterranean basin and well adapted to arid and dry island of Elba , 3 hectares with a production around 4000 bottles a year.

The result is truly extraordinary : a Tuscan red "different "from the great character , harmonious and with a surprisingly elegant finish .
Aleatico Alea Ludendo Vermentino Rosso delle Ripalte Grappa di Aleatico Rosato delle Ripalte

Having entered the Company at the outset of the winegrowing project he is its manager and director.

Involvement derived from his passion for fortified wines with the unique qualities of the Ripalte “terroir”.

A new adventure after his first career as a senior manager in Milan, the pioneering spirit of the wine bar in Bergamo Alta and the thirty-year experience as a winegrower in Grattamacco; in this holding, that has always featured on the "classic" labels of D.O.C. Bolgheri, he had already planted a row of Aleatico with which to make some wine for his friends.

Alea Ludendo’s motto, emblazoned on the bottle, sums up very well the grit with which he faces this challenge: establishing a new company, on an island, making a wine that is difficult to make, not very well-known nationally and completely ignored by the international market.

"Playing dice" or "flirting with destiny" is the English translation, of this Latin motto.
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